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Bumping Pub for Unity is out!

After a few months’ struggling with Asset Store, Bumping Pub is finally live on Unity! You can find it here! For our effort in porting this scene to Unity, we’ve decided to raise the price, by 1 cent (really it’s the Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace having different rules on pricing…)


Revival by Illfonic, a project we’ve proudly worked on:

Revival is a AAA MMORPG game developed by Illfonic using Unreal Engine 4. Anyone who doesn’t want hotbar combat anymore or thirst for a stunning graphic, here’s your MMO!

ms-001-acb77e6e80328111d3815beba55ca50egdt-002-39ba53900c9b7f70d214be2452904610gdt-001-938746cecc37f59a44e5d674d62d6045(Images above are taken from the game’s official website. They indicate the level of graphics of this game; it doesn’t mean that we created any or all of the assets or levels in the image.)